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All of you know how much I like experiencing new places and telling you about cool new restaurants. Well, that’s what I want to mention in this report about great places to visit and enjoy great food and drinks too.

Rehab Piccadilly Cafe; Bar and Escape Rooms

Rehab Piccadilly Caf&eacute Bar and Escape Rooms outdoor image

What if I were to tell you about a great little cafe; that offers an impressive brunch, fresh sandwiches and salads, and personal gourmet pizzas? Now if I happen to mention that this cafe; features wildly creative cocktails too, would that spike your interest? If that’s not enough, how about a signature escape room that has an utterly impressive Harry Potter theme to it!

Well, this is where you’ll need to experience yourself, but in case you can’t, here’s what you can expect. Rehab Piccadilly is located in the center of York has been around since 2019, but recently added their Escape Room in 2020. They offer plenty of Vegetarian and Vegan options, which is good news for most of us. I really like the decor of the restaurant and bar which is featuring loads of local art from York artisans.

local art on hotel walls

Reasonably priced for their food and drinks, they also host Escape Room bookings for couples and even include options up to groups of 5. I like that they include food and drink voucher options which make private parties, birthdays, and team building events. Sadly, they don’t offer any food challenges, which is quite popular in the UK if you’re an extreme foodie. They do require that children are accompanied by one adult in a group.

The Green Dragon at Hobbiton

The Green Dragon at Hobbiton hotel full view

Not aside from my enduring love for Harry Potter is the magical world of The Hobbit film series. Unlike most tours that feature original movie sets, the big highlight of this set tour is the Green Dragon. Since most of us can only dream to visit Hobbiton of Southfarthing Range, firstly you’ll have to travel to New Zealand. It’s one of the few experiences that truly lives up to the fantastic images you always dreamed about.

That’s another reason why I found it irresistible to dine within the ultimate themed restaurant. I’ve been to many fun and creative restaurants before and they hold up as being what they are. But never have I had the chance to live in such an all-inclusive experience like this. I must admit, It feels like you’re in the movie, but this is so much more. The food served at The Green Dragon really lives up to what you see in the movie itself.

indoor view of themed venue at hobbiton

Now that’s not the only place to eat here, since they also feature another expertly themed venue called The Millhouse. This is only open for two breakfast tours but you won’t have to worry about getting too stuffed. Making an entire day at The Shire will have you covered with at least 12 acres of fully restored film sets. Many of which have original props and artifacts from the original trilogy.

It’s not as pricy as you think it is but for most, it should certainly be on your bucket list if you’re making a trip to New Zealand sometime soon. Take a look here for more details:

The Neverlands

gathering in The Neverlands

Not to be confused with the Neverland Ranch located in Southern California. The Neverlands is another highly impressive eateries that combine sight and sound. There are several themed areas within the Neverlands that all have individual appeal. These include:

  • The Edison
  • Clifton’s Republic
  • Tree Tops
  • Pacific Seas
  • Gothic Bar
  • Brookdale Ballroom
  • The Monarch

Any of these areas can be booked for private parties and all have access to food and drink and many of the bars within the Neverlands. I especially like the Gothic bar and the Edison for their over-the-top themed rooms. You’ll find excellent dining within Clifton’s Republic offering an amazing 5-star menu. Oddly enough, you’ll need to book the menu service if you’re in a large group or company dinner.

I have to say it’s worth it even though I got a last-minute invite from a friend in LA who I was visiting. I highly recommend the Harvest Mushroom, which is a marinated Portobello mushroom with roasted red peppers, black garlic pesto, sautéed onions, and fresh avocado served on focaccia bread. You simply can’t miss out on this amazing experience when you visit Los Angeles.

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