As someone who works at home chic stationary are a must as it makes working in my office all the better. Plus who can turn down having an affordable patterned pencil? I know I certainly couldn’t, and this wasn’t simply because it matched the herringbone skirt I happened to be wearing.

Make your own DIY washi tape pencil and use up some of the decorative tape you have been stockpiling , it couldn’t be easier and the end result is ultra glam.



  • Pencil
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors

Materials for Wishy tape pencil

Cut a piece of tape that is length of the pencil and place it over one side of the pencil from the end of the eraser to where the pencil has been sharpened.

A girls applying tape on pencil

Firmly press down wrapping the tape around the side of the pencil. Repeat this process on the other side, with two pieces of tape you will cover the entire pencil.

A girls applying tape on other side of pencil

Here are a close up of my new herringbone pencils that you can sharpen just like a normal pencil, there is no need to tear off the tape before you sharpen.

Wishi-Tape pencil On table

DIY wishi Tape pencils On table

Inspired, I hope so! Give the project a try and post a photo below or tweet me on Twitter!

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