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My morning ritual, like many of you involves at least one large cup of coffee before I’m ready to take on the day. While in the past I’ve always had a standard 12 cup coffee maker on my counter I’ve been eyeing French presses and other smaller scale coffee makers as of late as a way to clean up my kitchen counters. …

Fundamentals of Home Cooking featured image

Fundamentals of Home Cooking

I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about great getaways and exotic locations, but that shouldn’t excuse the importance of cooking at home. Recently I’ve discovered that cooking has been very therapeutic with so many restaurants and cafes being locked down. Learning the basics of cooking Preparation Setting up your ingredients beforehand is a vital part of making …

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Basic Traditions of Italian Food

Italian food is not just a regional food that comes from Italy, since it’s a whole other construct that embodies their rich history and deep cultural appreciation. Here are the cooking basics everyone should know when learning to cook Italian food. Cooking Is Linked With Superstition We all have fun superstitions that are summed up as being happy accidents, but …